Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. I have a horrible pain in my right shoulder.  It comes and goes.  No rhyme or reason as to why or when it acts up.  But when it does... IT. REALLY. HURTS.  There is no comfortable position to have my arm in that eases the pain at all.  It seriously sucks. :(

On an up note. I returned to work yesterday.  It was my first time being the assistant in the 3 year old class.  WOW! There is a huge difference between those 3 and 4 year olds.  You can really tell that those little ones are just turning 4.  It was still fun, don't get me wrong.  I just forgot the things that a 3 year old has difficulty with.  Like going potty without getting their backsides of their pants wet. LOL  I think 4 of the 10 managed to do that yesterday.    Today I was with the 4 year olds and it was a blast.  The understanding of so many things is way beyond where the 3 year olds are.  I guess I prefer the 4 year olds.  However, I am sure as the days go on, I will fall in love with all of those little buggers. LOL  Each of them has a special way of doing that to a person.

This weekend is the rummage madness at church.  We are setting up table tomorrow night, sellers dropping off Friday night and the madness for 4 1/2 hours of selling on Saturday.  All wrapped up by 5:00 pm service on Saturday that no one will even realize it happened.  I am still amazed every sale that we can pull this off.  What an awesome task that keeps growing. :)

Abs had her first volleyball game lastnight.  She was so nervous!  She rocked it!  Once she started to feel more comfortable out there, she did so good.  I am looking forward to watching every game and being a proud Momma in the stands cheering for my baby girl. :)

Lalu more,

Monday, September 3, 2012

My 5

I have 5 homemade things I have to make before the end of the year... for 5 different people.  I posted on facebook in the earlier part of the year that the first 5 people to comment on my status would get something homemade by me.  :)  It could be as simple as a cup of coffee or something for their home... etc...

I have been thinking and I really do not want to take the easy way out.  I want to put a lot of thought and individuality into each gift.  All 5 girls are so different. :)  So this ought to be fun.  I am going to start next week making them.  

I commented on Marcia's and she made me this chipboard book with all things on it that remind her of me.  Funny thing was.. I started doing the same for her and now have scrapped that idea since I do not want her to think I was copying her.  I told her I started it already - while in complete laughter - but I want something unique. :)

When all else fails... go to pinterest!

Lalu More - DJ

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time passes

I am a firm believer that every person I come in contact with has a purpose for me to have met them.  Sometimes we become good friends, sometimes we  become as close as family.  I never assume what the purpose is, I just try to make my impression on their life a positive one.  

However, there is often a person or two that you must at some point part ways with.  This is never easy for me since I always focus on the positive traits of each person that is in my life.  This makes me blind to so much.  Even, at times, ignoring my gut feeling that something is not safe, normal or a positive relationship.  It is hard to move forward or walk away.  I tend to give multiple excuses to hold on.  No matter how toxic it may be.  

With that being said - when it starts affecting my children or my husband - I listen very attentively.  It just sucks when you know that there is good in someone and they just need some professional help.

Over the past 8 months I have tried to stay friends with someone that I had a ton of fun with.  We had similar upbringings and so many interests in common.  We clicked from the moment we talked.  I just didn't realize how toxic it would become.  I have never met someone with such jealousy, hatred, anger and bitterness built up in their heart and soul.  I tried building boundaries and that made it worse.  I tried giving myself space and that made it worse.  Over the period of 4 months I really tried to be patient, accepting, sympathetic and keep the positives of the friendships going.  Little did I know that putting up those walls would create a monster.  If I didn't call daily, didn't include her in every aspect of my life, didn't choose her over my own husband and children, didn't have my world revolve around hers - I would get beat down emotionally.  I knew she needed help - professional help.  She refused when I suggested it gently.  After a period of 3 weeks she escalated to a very aggressive level and I honestly was a bit scared.  She broke one day and it all came out on my oldest child in front of parents at school.

That was the last straw...  at no point should a child ever be involved in an adults conflict.  That day I cut all ties with her.  I told her to never look or speak to my children ever again.  I told her to forget my name and my husbands.  I never felt so relieved to be done with a person EVER!

It has been 3 months that she has not been a part of my life.  However, for some reason, she is still playing games with it.  I just do not know at what point it is going to end.  I pray everyday for her.  I pray she will find peace in her past relationships.  I pray she takes the opportunity to move forward from all the past mistakes.  I pray she can forgive, let the bitterness go and that she seeks help to understand what it means to have a healthy friendship.  

Lately I have been praying that I can finally move forward and not worry about her next move.  I hate living a life where I am worried about her and what she may do toward my children.  I do not care what she says to others about me.  If they know me they know I am not what she makes me out to be.  If people judge me based on her words, shame on them.  I never pass judgement on anyone without basing it on my own experiences with them.  I just do not want my children involved.

I am also saddened by the fact that I lost another good friend because she was forced to pick sides from the toxic one.  :(  I do not know how to reach out to her.. to get past this.. to move forward without having this other person affect our friendship... 

So many questions... so many conflicting emotions... all while time continues to pass...


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School

Well the first day of school has come and gone.  Abs is in 5th, Mad is in 2nd and Bean is officially in Kindergarten.  I can't believe how quickly time has gone by now that they are all in real school. :)  

All went well according to the recaps we received yesterday.  Abs is the only one who does not have any new students in her class.  Mad has 2 new boys and Ella has 10 new kids total (not sure what the boy/girl ratio is there).  Abs also started her first sport with school.  She is playing volleyball and had her first practice last night.  She had so much fun and said that she thinks it will be a great experience. :)  I am sure come Tuesday night when she has her first game her anxiety will kick in. 

I did send Bean to daycare for the morning yesterday (she only has class 1/2 days in the afternoon).  A friend started her son at our school and Bean went to daycare to help ease him into the new surroundings.  Bean was so exhausted that she fell asleep at 5:30 last night!  I remember Mad and Abs doing this too the first few days of Kindergarten.  They use their little brains so much that they need to recharge just to eat dinner. ha ha

I was child free for the first time in 8 years for a school day.  It was such a strange feeling.  I did ALL the laundry, cleaned the kitchen better than it has been in years and ate lunch in quiet.  It was an amazingly strange feeling.  The house was too quite at times and my heart miss the chaios.  Even the dogs felt the change because they just followed me around everywhere I went.   

I am looking forward to going back to the classroom next week Tuesday, I really miss those preschoolers.  I can't believe I will have every afternoon open to do as I wish.  Who am I kidding, it will involve getting ready for the upcoming Kid's Rummage at church and purging my house of clutter.  Then it will consist of deep cleaning.  I am expecting this to lead me into December sometime.  Then it will be cleaning up the holiday clutter and onto the next project which will involve painting some rooms.  I am excited about all of it though.  T and I may even have some afternoons to ourselves depending on his work schedule.  OH! I just realized I can do my Christmas shopping without having to hide gifts under coats in the cart so Bean won't see them!!! That is AWESOME!

So, I raise my iced coffee to another great school year, clean houses, to do lists and a nap every now and then! Here is to all you stay at home mom's who have so much to do and never enough hours in the day!  Here is to all you working mom's who manage the house, kids, hubby and life while working!  Here is to all !!!

Lalu More.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Not a normal summer

I am amazed how quickly time flies by.  We spent a total of almost a month taking care of T's Dad's things.  Getting everything in order, selling all the things none of the family wanted, etc... It has been a long summer full of so many emotions.

In May I came to a point in my friendship with J that it had to end.  It was very bittersweet, because I know that she can be a good person... but I just had to much anxiety over every day things... So many approached me with concerns about her behavior.  When she took the steps in the end of the month and approached Abs about a situation between her and I, it was the last straw.  My life since removing her from it has been so much better.  The huge stress level is gone.  It is hard, but needed.

The rest of the summer was just hanging out.  We have been on such a tight budget that we laid low... lots of park and picnic trips.  I took some great pics of the girls in June as a surprise for T.  He loved them and so do I.  I am going to frame a bunch of them and make a pic wall in the living room.  

School starts for us on Monday already.  I am so excited to get back in the classroom and see the little kids.  I don't start until the 4th of Sept - so I get a whole week without the kids around every day... STRANGE.  I have high hopes of cleaning my house better than it has been in 12 years!  Can't wait.  I will have every afternoon open for 4 hours before they get home.  WOW!

Abs starts school sports this year.  Her first adventure will be volleyball.  Practice already starts on Monday!

I have also decided to start a 365 photo project.. just not sure what the subject is going to be yet.... ideas are openly accepted. LOL

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FInal Details

T went with his sibilings and Mom today to plan all the service details for his Dad's funeral.  Service to be held on Saturday here in town and burial on Monday up north.  He has been by her side through most of this whole ordeal.  He was with her from the day Dad entered the hospital until Sunday night when he came home at 10 pm.  He was back up there for the final step 13 hours later. 

I met him at the church where they finalized all the service information.  I met him there to pick him so he could finally come home.  They invited me in to sit with them during this planning.  That was not my intentions.  I went just to pick him up and since Bean was with me she wanted to go in the building with him and Babcia (T's mom - polish word for Grandma).  I was going to sit in the waiting room incase Bean needed me.  I felt bad since none of the other spouses were present.  They planned the whole service with readings and music.  I was asked to read one of their choices.  I believe I will read from the book of Malachi.  I cannot remember for sure if that was the one I was assigned to, or which specific verses.  I hope I can do the read justice and not break down.

Once T go home he looked exhausted.  I think the moment in walked in the door he left all the strength outside that he had left.  He laid on the couch with his eyes closed most of the time. He went and laid in bed with Mads and Bean for a bit and then just laid there with the lights off.  I went and laid next to him.  Placed my head on his chest and wanted so badly to let the world melt away for awhile for him...  but kids do not allow that to happen.  It lasted for less than 5 minutes.  By the time I was done tending to them and got them settled in bed.. he was asleep, deep asleep.. snorning and all.  I am sure it was good to sleep in our bed and just be home.  The chaios and all.  I am sure all his emotions will come full circle at this point.  He has been so focused on his Mom and keeping her grounded that I don't this he has had a moment to process his own heart.

Tomorrow our oldest daughter will celebrate her 10th birthday.  I am so glad her Daddy will be here for that.  I took this week off of work and serving lunch at school so I am available if they need for funeral things... but tomorrow is all about Abs!!!  Just my baby!  T and I are going to decorate the house with balloons and streamers.  I am going hang the birthday banner up and cut out her name to hang it on the wall.  I have asked all her aunts, uncles, grandparents and a few good friends of ours to email me a message to put on those letters. She picked out what she wants T to make her for dinner and then the two of them are going to go see a performance of Wiz of Oz that her best friend is cast in.  The whole family was going to go, but I think the two of them really need time alone with all that has happened.  I am going to take her on Friday after school to get her nails done.  :)  So excited.  There was no way I was going to let this day pass without large celebrations!  It is bittersweet considering the events that will follow. :(

Makes me think even more how important it is to express your love for those that are important daily.  God blesses us with them, we shouldn't ever take them for granted.

With that... Lalu More,  D

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Heaven's Opened Their Gates In Song

It is amazing how quickly life passes us by.  Today is the end of marriage that lasted 53 years.  My father in law passed away peacefully today after being hospitalized for exactly a week.  I posted that T took the girls up north for four days to spend time with them while I cleaned out my house.  I didn't know that it would be the last trip my girls would take to see their grandfather that they loving call Dzia Dzia (pronounced Jaja - polish for Grandpa).  Joey was an amzaing man. Lived through so much pain, struggle and happiness.  He is the father of 4, grandfather of 8.  He loved to joke and make everyone laugh, right to the end.  T came home on Sunday with the girls and turned around on Monday and went back to be with his parents.  His father was admitted less than 24 hours T left his house.  T ended up spending the week there to help his mom and be with his Dad.  I drove up on Saturday with intentions of bringing T home with me that night.  Well, Joey had a bad Friday night and I ended up staying until Sunday morning.  T came home late lastnight with his brother.  T decided to stay home this morning to see the girls before going to work.  They haven't seen him in a week and were so excited he was home.  What a bittersweet visit it was.  He left for work at 8 am and then left for upnorth by 2:00 pm.  Joey passed around 6:00.  It was peacefull and painless. 

12 years ago on June 13th I lost my step dad.  He was so much more than what those words say.  Bottom line, he was more of a Dad than my biologicial dad was at the time and a good portion of my life. I struggled so hard with his passing after a struggle from cancer for a year and half.  The struggle wasn't becasue his death was so prolonged. I can say today it was because my faith was no where near where it is today.  I am comfortable with Joey's passing.  I know he had a strong faith in Christ.  I know he is in heaven with our glorious maker.  I find so much comfort that he is no longer sick and is in a much beautiful place.  When GPaw left, I had none of that. 

I have cried on and off throughout the night.  More for the pain my mother in law is feeling becasue she lost the love of her life.  More for my children not being able to make more memories with their grandfather who adored them beyond belief.  More for my husband who lost his father.  More for the fact that Joey won't be here anylonger to make me laugh at the silliest things.  I will miss his spirit he had for enjoying the little things.  I will cherish all the time I spent with him.  I will take with me all the memories, laughs, moments we shared...

I will celebrate his life for every breathe he took, not morn over his last. 

Joey.. make sure you say hello to my Dad and tell him all about my girls and how much he would have loved and adored them just as you did.  Tell him how much Ab is like me and how it would drive him crazy.  How much Mads is like T and always knows what to say to turn a serious moment into a more relaxed and fun time.  How much Bean is so affectionate and funny with her off the wall comments.  I promise you we will take care of your girl!

We will always look for you in the heavens and as Bean said today "Because Dzia Dzia is in heaven the stars will shine brighter now!"  We will make sure you shine brighter than ever!


Sunday, April 8, 2012


Here it is Easter Sunday and I realized that nothing has been done here since February.  Wow! What a slacker.  Life has been passing by day by day quicker than I can think.  It has been so buys and I find that April is going to look the same way.... except for today....

For the first time in many years we are not by my Dad's house today for Easter.  This saddens me greatly.  Dad decided to go up to his house near Madison to finish up the renovations so they can move into it officially.  He has really been pushing for us to come up... looks like it will have to wait until the girls are out of school.  But, back to today... it doesn't seem right not being at his house with my sister and her kids and CeCe.  I am sitting here in my living room while Spike sunbathes in the window.  T and the girls are downstairs playing Skylanders on the Wii...  So quite.  I should love this after the last two weeks.. but nope... I wnat the madness of my Dad's house... the loud noise of all the kids playing in the 1000 sq foot home.  I want the laughter of my Dad telling crazy stories.  Just the simple joy of extended family.  Mom is coming over this afternoon... at some point ... hopefully.  At least she said she is.  We will see if she shows up. 

On the up sides... so much has taken place over the past few months...  My brother was in the hospital in March due to an infection in his arm.  We do not know what it is from... he claims a bug bite or something.  We don't know if this is true.  It was so bad they had to cut open a 7 inch area and clean out his arm.  :(  ouch!  He is still healing from that.  He is living back with Mom again and I don't think she will ever learn.  He is just toxic and I am at the point where I just so done with him.

CeCe asked to start confirmation classes and Pastor is willing to work with her based on the times I have her.  She is doing really well and still very interested.  I hope it continues with her.  Ab turns 10 this month already and I am shocked about that.  She is so grown up and is often mistaken for being older.  She is so mature and I am hoping that the teen years go easy with her.  Lord knows that Mads and Bean will be a whole different story. LOL

We started Easter break on Friday.  It was much needed.  I am looking forward to taggin' all the stuff for the Kid's Rummage in May and clearing out my basement.  The girls and I have started making out summer check list of all the crafts and places we would like to do.  :)  It will be fun to have the whole summer to ourselves again and not worry about watching any children.  Last summer wasn't bad.. but it just wasn't the same.  Only 9 weeks til it starts!  We are thinking heading to South Carolina for a camping trip with the family.  T has found a great place that looks beautiful.  We thought 6 days camping... laying low... books, sand, water, fishing, walks... all sound wonderful.  What a huge contrast to the vacation last year to Disney.  It was great and I worth every cent... but I do prefer relaxing vacations... :)

Off to help cook a ham.... 

Have a blessed Easter!  He is RISEN! He has RISEN INDEED!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time Flew By

It is amazing how quickly time goes by.  I wanted so badly to make a point to update daily.. then figured every couple of days... and look how well that went for me.  Geezzz...  I have been so under the weather lately.  Finally caved and went to the doctor last week to find out I had a severe sinus infection and my inner/outer ear was also infected.  The doc was concerned that my ear drum ruptured... but thankfully that was not the case.  So, I was blessed with spending my birthday on meds while making every effort to enjoy a 2 hour drive to IL for my first trip to Ikea... loved the place! Will have to return when I am feeling 100%.

Leading up to all that I was very busy working on decorations for two friends' baby showers.  I was joyfully asked to make some Cricut items for centerpieces.  As well as cupcake toppers and other misc things... :)  I really enjoy that.  :) I am so glad that everyone gets to enjoy them.  I made both of them homemade baby blocks as a gift.  They both loved them very much.  I take such pleasure in homemade gifts. I am surprised that more people do not take the time to spread that joy to others.  My girls all love to make gifts too.  Come to think of it... I wish I received more homemade gifts.... :(

I also spent a night at Hobby Night.  Got caught up on some of my Disney trip album and finished off some pages that just needed a bit more.  I have been spending time looking at layouts online and getting ideas.  I have come to realize that I love simple... or am just too lazy to emblish as much as some.  Either way.. I love the way my pages are turning out.  I also upgraded to the Expression machine! This was such a highlight in my week that I was tickled for days!  The thought of being able to make BIGGER things makes my mind giggle.  I received a card today from a close friend with an owl on it from the Critter's cartridge... I decided that I need that as a wall sticker in my craft area I am creating... I am obsessed with owls lately... not sure why... they are just too stinkin' cute.

I also spent a few hours organizing my craft supplies.  I purged so much...and have decided to sell 1/2 my stamps... this is a good thing since I do not have the urge to stamp as much since I invested in the cricut.  I have saved some of my favs... but am really purging.  I can't believe how orgainzed my things are becoming.  It is making finding things so much simpler... who would have thought.  

I have to upload a bunch of pics in the next week or so... so I will be posting some pages and the baby blocks to share... I may have to "pin" them to my pintrest board just to see how many repins they get.  hehehe

Lalu, Dege

Monday, January 30, 2012

Weeks Gone By

It is amazing to me how quickly this month has gone by.  I am both happy and sad about that. 

Happy because February is one of my favorite months.  Not just because it is my birthday month.. but because most (and I stress MOST) people are all lovey this month. It also means that we only have 17 more weeks left of school before I get to spend all day again with the most lovely three girls in the whole world for 2 1/2 months! I truly love school... the structure my girls have...the knowledge that they absorb... the fact they grow more as an individual... and the 4 year olds I get to work with three days a week.  And the fact that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the school they attend and miss all the teachers over break.  But, I do enjoy my time with them.  Simple, unplanned, under stressed summer days to do whatever we want.  Especially avoiding the chores around the house... we save that for rainy days and the school year.  :)  hahaha

But sad because it means another month has passed and my babies are now pre-teen and little girls instead of infants, toddlers or preschoolers. :(  It means we are one month closer to more of their birthdays... :(  One would think that thoughts like this would mean I have baby on the brain... OH NO! I am perfectly content and fully blessed by my three girls.  I just sometimes miss them as babies, that's all.

Well.. onto other subjects.  As I was driving home today from Target.. I was pondering over what I wanted to say today.. I thought maybe I could come up with some profound revelation or awesome post that years from now I could sit and say.. "Damn, that was truly a good one.." But guess what... NOTHING! Nothing exciting, earth shattering or joyous.  LOL  Just everyday stuff.  I have been working on some projects for friends parties.  Can I just say how much I LOVE my cricut machine! I have two friends that are having babies in March.. both of them for the first time.  The showers are on the same day and their due dates 2 days apart.  How exciting! I made invites, cupcake toppers and cut-outs for centerpieces for one of them.  I should find out in the next day or two if the other would like anything.  I also make cupcake toppers for a retirement party for a friend's husband.  Those turned out so cute since they are tools and other construction pics.  That has kept me pretty busy.

T celebrated his 38 bday yesterday with all of us.  I can't believe that only his mother called to wish him a happy birthday.  Nothing from any brothers or his sister.  :( breaks my heart.  He got excited when he opened the tackle box the girls picked out for him.  Bean wanted him to have a Packer theme cake, but since they lost the playoffs all Pick-N-Save had was brownies with green and yellow sprinkles... it worked! She was happy! :)

Well, off to plan our Kid's Rummage sale for church... can't believe that is only 4 months away.  I am already getting requests to sell in it.  Hopefully it will be another success!

Sweet Dreams and always say Lalu More.  D

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Past Weekend

In between all the visits from U-Verse.. the four girls did some scrapbooking on Saturday.  They lasted about 5 hours before I finally had enough of being pulled in every direction.  They all did very well.  Even Bean who is only 5 years old made some really great pages.  CeeCe was actually pretty good this weekend.  Her Dad was up north with Dad helping hang some drywall so she didn't get to see him at all.  She seemed ok with that.  Overall it was a lot of fun.  They played outside on Sunday for a few hours since the weather is just not normal for January.  It wore them out pretty nice.  I also made Bourbon Chicken from and it was so darn good!!!  Everyone really enjoyed it.  T had to work all weekend so it was just us.  It was rather weird him only being here at night.  He finally has a day off on Friday.  Which is truly perfect timing cuz I need a break and it happens to be Hobby Night at church... YAHOO!  I will have to search Pintrest for a yummy dessert to take. :)

Bean and I met up with Sandi yesterday for breakfast.  It was a nice visit and Bean was very patient with all our talking.  She is so well behaved and I am so proud of her.  Sandi is doing well and it sounds like her family is also.  It was nice to catch up.  I did notice that her age is starting to show.  She called Bean "Mads" and "Allison"  few times.  I can't believe that I have known her for almost 20 years already.  She is still so much the same as the first day.  Guess some people are just comfortable that way.

Complete Frustration

It is amazing how a company can not seem to get things right.  We have been a customer of U-Verse (AT&T) since 2006.  Every year as the months grow colder we have problems with our service pausing and losing signal completely.  Every year I contact them and they send their high priority techs out to my home to correct the problem.  Every year we continue to have the problem with no resolution.  In the beginning they gave me the service free for 6 months so I would not cancel... so we suffered through it. As the years have passed we have cancelled our land line with them since calls would get dropped over and over.  They didn't seem to care so much and tried talking me into using their cell service.  Last year I was told by one of their techs that they won't be able to fix it...and I will just have to deal with it.

Called them again about the problem.  They have been working on it since last Friday.... hopefully it is fixed.  I haven't had any problems lastnight... but it is in the 50's.  With snow and cold coming tomorrow.. we will see.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ordinary Day

What another ordinary day.  We made a great project at school today, which I think is one of my favs. :)  It was so simple.  Just a mitten with the kids names on it and they glued rick rack to it.  They are turned out so stinking cute. 

When Bean and I came home we made some split pea soup.  Of course I sent a text to Mom to find out what all to put it.  Well... needless to say.... I finally wrote it down and put it in my new receipe box that T and the girls gave me for Christmas this year.  The soup turned out the best I have ever made to date.  I did not make a huge batch... so not so much to share this time around. I did give a small bowl to Kristine, but that was all I could part with.  The rest will be eaten over the next few days.  It is such a shame I am the only one in this house that enjoys it.

I also made a batch of homemade granola for us girls.  They were all so excited since it has been awhile since I have made some.  Again...the best batch to date.  Even Bean said so. LOL  Mads wants to take some with her to school tomorrow to have for her snack.  Awesome! I love that they enjoy it so much.  Makes my heart happy to know that I make something yummy except cookies.

I found out I will have Cece again this weekend.  I am glad to get back on a normal schedule with her again.  The holidays really threw me for a loop.  T has to work all day Sunday so I told the girls we are going to scrapbook on Sunday.  I will help them work on their books.  It has been so long since we have done that.  I go next week Friday for Hobby Night.. so it will be good for them to have Sunday with me.  :)

I am heading over to Jen's in a few minutes for movie and popcorn night.... YUM!!! The Help is the movie choice this week.  I love getting together to watch movies with her.  She is really going to enjoy this one!  I am taking her some granola too since I told her the next batch she could claim some.  What a nice surprise for her.

I talked to Sandi today for a bit.  We are getting together next Tuesday.  It has been over a year and a half since I have seen her.  Can't believe how quickly that time went.  I miss her... but not her comments about her son.  She told me today that he really missed out not doing better by me.  My response was "God didn't plan on him and I forever. I am where I am supposed to be." I think she finally accepts that.  I am looking forward to sharing all the Disney pics with her.  ;)  I know she will enjoy seeing them and how big the girls have gotten.

Lalu More!  DJ

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Simple Documentation

A simple documentation... that is what I am starting this out with.  I have no clue if I will be able to do it. I always have the best of intentions.  Only time will tell.