Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time Flew By

It is amazing how quickly time goes by.  I wanted so badly to make a point to update daily.. then figured every couple of days... and look how well that went for me.  Geezzz...  I have been so under the weather lately.  Finally caved and went to the doctor last week to find out I had a severe sinus infection and my inner/outer ear was also infected.  The doc was concerned that my ear drum ruptured... but thankfully that was not the case.  So, I was blessed with spending my birthday on meds while making every effort to enjoy a 2 hour drive to IL for my first trip to Ikea... loved the place! Will have to return when I am feeling 100%.

Leading up to all that I was very busy working on decorations for two friends' baby showers.  I was joyfully asked to make some Cricut items for centerpieces.  As well as cupcake toppers and other misc things... :)  I really enjoy that.  :) I am so glad that everyone gets to enjoy them.  I made both of them homemade baby blocks as a gift.  They both loved them very much.  I take such pleasure in homemade gifts. I am surprised that more people do not take the time to spread that joy to others.  My girls all love to make gifts too.  Come to think of it... I wish I received more homemade gifts.... :(

I also spent a night at Hobby Night.  Got caught up on some of my Disney trip album and finished off some pages that just needed a bit more.  I have been spending time looking at layouts online and getting ideas.  I have come to realize that I love simple... or am just too lazy to emblish as much as some.  Either way.. I love the way my pages are turning out.  I also upgraded to the Expression machine! This was such a highlight in my week that I was tickled for days!  The thought of being able to make BIGGER things makes my mind giggle.  I received a card today from a close friend with an owl on it from the Critter's cartridge... I decided that I need that as a wall sticker in my craft area I am creating... I am obsessed with owls lately... not sure why... they are just too stinkin' cute.

I also spent a few hours organizing my craft supplies.  I purged so much...and have decided to sell 1/2 my stamps... this is a good thing since I do not have the urge to stamp as much since I invested in the cricut.  I have saved some of my favs... but am really purging.  I can't believe how orgainzed my things are becoming.  It is making finding things so much simpler... who would have thought.  

I have to upload a bunch of pics in the next week or so... so I will be posting some pages and the baby blocks to share... I may have to "pin" them to my pintrest board just to see how many repins they get.  hehehe

Lalu, Dege