Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. I have a horrible pain in my right shoulder.  It comes and goes.  No rhyme or reason as to why or when it acts up.  But when it does... IT. REALLY. HURTS.  There is no comfortable position to have my arm in that eases the pain at all.  It seriously sucks. :(

On an up note. I returned to work yesterday.  It was my first time being the assistant in the 3 year old class.  WOW! There is a huge difference between those 3 and 4 year olds.  You can really tell that those little ones are just turning 4.  It was still fun, don't get me wrong.  I just forgot the things that a 3 year old has difficulty with.  Like going potty without getting their backsides of their pants wet. LOL  I think 4 of the 10 managed to do that yesterday.    Today I was with the 4 year olds and it was a blast.  The understanding of so many things is way beyond where the 3 year olds are.  I guess I prefer the 4 year olds.  However, I am sure as the days go on, I will fall in love with all of those little buggers. LOL  Each of them has a special way of doing that to a person.

This weekend is the rummage madness at church.  We are setting up table tomorrow night, sellers dropping off Friday night and the madness for 4 1/2 hours of selling on Saturday.  All wrapped up by 5:00 pm service on Saturday that no one will even realize it happened.  I am still amazed every sale that we can pull this off.  What an awesome task that keeps growing. :)

Abs had her first volleyball game lastnight.  She was so nervous!  She rocked it!  Once she started to feel more comfortable out there, she did so good.  I am looking forward to watching every game and being a proud Momma in the stands cheering for my baby girl. :)

Lalu more,

Monday, September 3, 2012

My 5

I have 5 homemade things I have to make before the end of the year... for 5 different people.  I posted on facebook in the earlier part of the year that the first 5 people to comment on my status would get something homemade by me.  :)  It could be as simple as a cup of coffee or something for their home... etc...

I have been thinking and I really do not want to take the easy way out.  I want to put a lot of thought and individuality into each gift.  All 5 girls are so different. :)  So this ought to be fun.  I am going to start next week making them.  

I commented on Marcia's and she made me this chipboard book with all things on it that remind her of me.  Funny thing was.. I started doing the same for her and now have scrapped that idea since I do not want her to think I was copying her.  I told her I started it already - while in complete laughter - but I want something unique. :)

When all else fails... go to pinterest!

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