Monday, January 30, 2012

Weeks Gone By

It is amazing to me how quickly this month has gone by.  I am both happy and sad about that. 

Happy because February is one of my favorite months.  Not just because it is my birthday month.. but because most (and I stress MOST) people are all lovey this month. It also means that we only have 17 more weeks left of school before I get to spend all day again with the most lovely three girls in the whole world for 2 1/2 months! I truly love school... the structure my girls have...the knowledge that they absorb... the fact they grow more as an individual... and the 4 year olds I get to work with three days a week.  And the fact that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the school they attend and miss all the teachers over break.  But, I do enjoy my time with them.  Simple, unplanned, under stressed summer days to do whatever we want.  Especially avoiding the chores around the house... we save that for rainy days and the school year.  :)  hahaha

But sad because it means another month has passed and my babies are now pre-teen and little girls instead of infants, toddlers or preschoolers. :(  It means we are one month closer to more of their birthdays... :(  One would think that thoughts like this would mean I have baby on the brain... OH NO! I am perfectly content and fully blessed by my three girls.  I just sometimes miss them as babies, that's all.

Well.. onto other subjects.  As I was driving home today from Target.. I was pondering over what I wanted to say today.. I thought maybe I could come up with some profound revelation or awesome post that years from now I could sit and say.. "Damn, that was truly a good one.." But guess what... NOTHING! Nothing exciting, earth shattering or joyous.  LOL  Just everyday stuff.  I have been working on some projects for friends parties.  Can I just say how much I LOVE my cricut machine! I have two friends that are having babies in March.. both of them for the first time.  The showers are on the same day and their due dates 2 days apart.  How exciting! I made invites, cupcake toppers and cut-outs for centerpieces for one of them.  I should find out in the next day or two if the other would like anything.  I also make cupcake toppers for a retirement party for a friend's husband.  Those turned out so cute since they are tools and other construction pics.  That has kept me pretty busy.

T celebrated his 38 bday yesterday with all of us.  I can't believe that only his mother called to wish him a happy birthday.  Nothing from any brothers or his sister.  :( breaks my heart.  He got excited when he opened the tackle box the girls picked out for him.  Bean wanted him to have a Packer theme cake, but since they lost the playoffs all Pick-N-Save had was brownies with green and yellow sprinkles... it worked! She was happy! :)

Well, off to plan our Kid's Rummage sale for church... can't believe that is only 4 months away.  I am already getting requests to sell in it.  Hopefully it will be another success!

Sweet Dreams and always say Lalu More.  D

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Past Weekend

In between all the visits from U-Verse.. the four girls did some scrapbooking on Saturday.  They lasted about 5 hours before I finally had enough of being pulled in every direction.  They all did very well.  Even Bean who is only 5 years old made some really great pages.  CeeCe was actually pretty good this weekend.  Her Dad was up north with Dad helping hang some drywall so she didn't get to see him at all.  She seemed ok with that.  Overall it was a lot of fun.  They played outside on Sunday for a few hours since the weather is just not normal for January.  It wore them out pretty nice.  I also made Bourbon Chicken from and it was so darn good!!!  Everyone really enjoyed it.  T had to work all weekend so it was just us.  It was rather weird him only being here at night.  He finally has a day off on Friday.  Which is truly perfect timing cuz I need a break and it happens to be Hobby Night at church... YAHOO!  I will have to search Pintrest for a yummy dessert to take. :)

Bean and I met up with Sandi yesterday for breakfast.  It was a nice visit and Bean was very patient with all our talking.  She is so well behaved and I am so proud of her.  Sandi is doing well and it sounds like her family is also.  It was nice to catch up.  I did notice that her age is starting to show.  She called Bean "Mads" and "Allison"  few times.  I can't believe that I have known her for almost 20 years already.  She is still so much the same as the first day.  Guess some people are just comfortable that way.

Complete Frustration

It is amazing how a company can not seem to get things right.  We have been a customer of U-Verse (AT&T) since 2006.  Every year as the months grow colder we have problems with our service pausing and losing signal completely.  Every year I contact them and they send their high priority techs out to my home to correct the problem.  Every year we continue to have the problem with no resolution.  In the beginning they gave me the service free for 6 months so I would not cancel... so we suffered through it. As the years have passed we have cancelled our land line with them since calls would get dropped over and over.  They didn't seem to care so much and tried talking me into using their cell service.  Last year I was told by one of their techs that they won't be able to fix it...and I will just have to deal with it.

Called them again about the problem.  They have been working on it since last Friday.... hopefully it is fixed.  I haven't had any problems lastnight... but it is in the 50's.  With snow and cold coming tomorrow.. we will see.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ordinary Day

What another ordinary day.  We made a great project at school today, which I think is one of my favs. :)  It was so simple.  Just a mitten with the kids names on it and they glued rick rack to it.  They are turned out so stinking cute. 

When Bean and I came home we made some split pea soup.  Of course I sent a text to Mom to find out what all to put it.  Well... needless to say.... I finally wrote it down and put it in my new receipe box that T and the girls gave me for Christmas this year.  The soup turned out the best I have ever made to date.  I did not make a huge batch... so not so much to share this time around. I did give a small bowl to Kristine, but that was all I could part with.  The rest will be eaten over the next few days.  It is such a shame I am the only one in this house that enjoys it.

I also made a batch of homemade granola for us girls.  They were all so excited since it has been awhile since I have made some.  Again...the best batch to date.  Even Bean said so. LOL  Mads wants to take some with her to school tomorrow to have for her snack.  Awesome! I love that they enjoy it so much.  Makes my heart happy to know that I make something yummy except cookies.

I found out I will have Cece again this weekend.  I am glad to get back on a normal schedule with her again.  The holidays really threw me for a loop.  T has to work all day Sunday so I told the girls we are going to scrapbook on Sunday.  I will help them work on their books.  It has been so long since we have done that.  I go next week Friday for Hobby Night.. so it will be good for them to have Sunday with me.  :)

I am heading over to Jen's in a few minutes for movie and popcorn night.... YUM!!! The Help is the movie choice this week.  I love getting together to watch movies with her.  She is really going to enjoy this one!  I am taking her some granola too since I told her the next batch she could claim some.  What a nice surprise for her.

I talked to Sandi today for a bit.  We are getting together next Tuesday.  It has been over a year and a half since I have seen her.  Can't believe how quickly that time went.  I miss her... but not her comments about her son.  She told me today that he really missed out not doing better by me.  My response was "God didn't plan on him and I forever. I am where I am supposed to be." I think she finally accepts that.  I am looking forward to sharing all the Disney pics with her.  ;)  I know she will enjoy seeing them and how big the girls have gotten.

Lalu More!  DJ

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Simple Documentation

A simple documentation... that is what I am starting this out with.  I have no clue if I will be able to do it. I always have the best of intentions.  Only time will tell.