Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Complete Frustration

It is amazing how a company can not seem to get things right.  We have been a customer of U-Verse (AT&T) since 2006.  Every year as the months grow colder we have problems with our service pausing and losing signal completely.  Every year I contact them and they send their high priority techs out to my home to correct the problem.  Every year we continue to have the problem with no resolution.  In the beginning they gave me the service free for 6 months so I would not cancel... so we suffered through it. As the years have passed we have cancelled our land line with them since calls would get dropped over and over.  They didn't seem to care so much and tried talking me into using their cell service.  Last year I was told by one of their techs that they won't be able to fix it...and I will just have to deal with it.

Called them again about the problem.  They have been working on it since last Friday.... hopefully it is fixed.  I haven't had any problems lastnight... but it is in the 50's.  With snow and cold coming tomorrow.. we will see.

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