Saturday, August 25, 2012

Not a normal summer

I am amazed how quickly time flies by.  We spent a total of almost a month taking care of T's Dad's things.  Getting everything in order, selling all the things none of the family wanted, etc... It has been a long summer full of so many emotions.

In May I came to a point in my friendship with J that it had to end.  It was very bittersweet, because I know that she can be a good person... but I just had to much anxiety over every day things... So many approached me with concerns about her behavior.  When she took the steps in the end of the month and approached Abs about a situation between her and I, it was the last straw.  My life since removing her from it has been so much better.  The huge stress level is gone.  It is hard, but needed.

The rest of the summer was just hanging out.  We have been on such a tight budget that we laid low... lots of park and picnic trips.  I took some great pics of the girls in June as a surprise for T.  He loved them and so do I.  I am going to frame a bunch of them and make a pic wall in the living room.  

School starts for us on Monday already.  I am so excited to get back in the classroom and see the little kids.  I don't start until the 4th of Sept - so I get a whole week without the kids around every day... STRANGE.  I have high hopes of cleaning my house better than it has been in 12 years!  Can't wait.  I will have every afternoon open for 4 hours before they get home.  WOW!

Abs starts school sports this year.  Her first adventure will be volleyball.  Practice already starts on Monday!

I have also decided to start a 365 photo project.. just not sure what the subject is going to be yet.... ideas are openly accepted. LOL

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