Monday, April 23, 2012

The Heaven's Opened Their Gates In Song

It is amazing how quickly life passes us by.  Today is the end of marriage that lasted 53 years.  My father in law passed away peacefully today after being hospitalized for exactly a week.  I posted that T took the girls up north for four days to spend time with them while I cleaned out my house.  I didn't know that it would be the last trip my girls would take to see their grandfather that they loving call Dzia Dzia (pronounced Jaja - polish for Grandpa).  Joey was an amzaing man. Lived through so much pain, struggle and happiness.  He is the father of 4, grandfather of 8.  He loved to joke and make everyone laugh, right to the end.  T came home on Sunday with the girls and turned around on Monday and went back to be with his parents.  His father was admitted less than 24 hours T left his house.  T ended up spending the week there to help his mom and be with his Dad.  I drove up on Saturday with intentions of bringing T home with me that night.  Well, Joey had a bad Friday night and I ended up staying until Sunday morning.  T came home late lastnight with his brother.  T decided to stay home this morning to see the girls before going to work.  They haven't seen him in a week and were so excited he was home.  What a bittersweet visit it was.  He left for work at 8 am and then left for upnorth by 2:00 pm.  Joey passed around 6:00.  It was peacefull and painless. 

12 years ago on June 13th I lost my step dad.  He was so much more than what those words say.  Bottom line, he was more of a Dad than my biologicial dad was at the time and a good portion of my life. I struggled so hard with his passing after a struggle from cancer for a year and half.  The struggle wasn't becasue his death was so prolonged. I can say today it was because my faith was no where near where it is today.  I am comfortable with Joey's passing.  I know he had a strong faith in Christ.  I know he is in heaven with our glorious maker.  I find so much comfort that he is no longer sick and is in a much beautiful place.  When GPaw left, I had none of that. 

I have cried on and off throughout the night.  More for the pain my mother in law is feeling becasue she lost the love of her life.  More for my children not being able to make more memories with their grandfather who adored them beyond belief.  More for my husband who lost his father.  More for the fact that Joey won't be here anylonger to make me laugh at the silliest things.  I will miss his spirit he had for enjoying the little things.  I will cherish all the time I spent with him.  I will take with me all the memories, laughs, moments we shared...

I will celebrate his life for every breathe he took, not morn over his last. 

Joey.. make sure you say hello to my Dad and tell him all about my girls and how much he would have loved and adored them just as you did.  Tell him how much Ab is like me and how it would drive him crazy.  How much Mads is like T and always knows what to say to turn a serious moment into a more relaxed and fun time.  How much Bean is so affectionate and funny with her off the wall comments.  I promise you we will take care of your girl!

We will always look for you in the heavens and as Bean said today "Because Dzia Dzia is in heaven the stars will shine brighter now!"  We will make sure you shine brighter than ever!


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