Sunday, April 8, 2012


Here it is Easter Sunday and I realized that nothing has been done here since February.  Wow! What a slacker.  Life has been passing by day by day quicker than I can think.  It has been so buys and I find that April is going to look the same way.... except for today....

For the first time in many years we are not by my Dad's house today for Easter.  This saddens me greatly.  Dad decided to go up to his house near Madison to finish up the renovations so they can move into it officially.  He has really been pushing for us to come up... looks like it will have to wait until the girls are out of school.  But, back to today... it doesn't seem right not being at his house with my sister and her kids and CeCe.  I am sitting here in my living room while Spike sunbathes in the window.  T and the girls are downstairs playing Skylanders on the Wii...  So quite.  I should love this after the last two weeks.. but nope... I wnat the madness of my Dad's house... the loud noise of all the kids playing in the 1000 sq foot home.  I want the laughter of my Dad telling crazy stories.  Just the simple joy of extended family.  Mom is coming over this afternoon... at some point ... hopefully.  At least she said she is.  We will see if she shows up. 

On the up sides... so much has taken place over the past few months...  My brother was in the hospital in March due to an infection in his arm.  We do not know what it is from... he claims a bug bite or something.  We don't know if this is true.  It was so bad they had to cut open a 7 inch area and clean out his arm.  :(  ouch!  He is still healing from that.  He is living back with Mom again and I don't think she will ever learn.  He is just toxic and I am at the point where I just so done with him.

CeCe asked to start confirmation classes and Pastor is willing to work with her based on the times I have her.  She is doing really well and still very interested.  I hope it continues with her.  Ab turns 10 this month already and I am shocked about that.  She is so grown up and is often mistaken for being older.  She is so mature and I am hoping that the teen years go easy with her.  Lord knows that Mads and Bean will be a whole different story. LOL

We started Easter break on Friday.  It was much needed.  I am looking forward to taggin' all the stuff for the Kid's Rummage in May and clearing out my basement.  The girls and I have started making out summer check list of all the crafts and places we would like to do.  :)  It will be fun to have the whole summer to ourselves again and not worry about watching any children.  Last summer wasn't bad.. but it just wasn't the same.  Only 9 weeks til it starts!  We are thinking heading to South Carolina for a camping trip with the family.  T has found a great place that looks beautiful.  We thought 6 days camping... laying low... books, sand, water, fishing, walks... all sound wonderful.  What a huge contrast to the vacation last year to Disney.  It was great and I worth every cent... but I do prefer relaxing vacations... :)

Off to help cook a ham.... 

Have a blessed Easter!  He is RISEN! He has RISEN INDEED!

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