Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Final Goodbye Faced With Trials

I received news yesterday that a good friend of my brother (prior to the thick drug use) passed away on Wednesday. N had MD and was only 33 years old.  I had to call the rehab place that Uggly is staying at to tell him the news.  He seemed a bit shaken and saddened by the news. I know that they have not talked in a long time. I know that Uggly went his own way with the ones that made the choice to party more. I wonder if there is some regret with that.  I spoke with one of the guys, J,  that used to be very close to my brother and told him that we may be attending the funeral service on Sunday.  J said that he was talking to D and they both think it would be good for Uggly to pay his respects to N's family. None of these guys talk to Uggly anymore, but are proud of his choice to write a new ending to his story. N would be proud of Uggly.

Uggly hasn't decided forsure if he wants to go.  It would be the first funeral EVER that he would attend sober.  It will be the first time in years that he is face to face with the core group of friends that tried for years to help him make healthier choices for himself.  It will be the first time that he will be around some of the not so positive friends that used right along with him since he entered rehab.  I know that there is a lot of these moments coming up for Uggly to have to face during his recovery.  It just seems like a lot all at once.I am not sure how he will handle it.  I told Uggly to just let me know if he wants to go or not.  Since he gets a day pass every Sunday, the opportunity will be there if he wants it.  Otherwise, we will go hang out at Mom's house since she hasn't seen him for a month. :)

I know that the Lord will test him for the rest of his life.  I know that he will be put into positions that are stressful and uneasy and temptation will be a constant for him.  I just feel he is so fragile and I am worried it will be easier for him to use than move forward.  I can't protect him or make the choices for him... so I will just do the few things I know I can... support, encourage and most importantly.. PRAY! For Uggly and N's family.  They both are faced with trials and have to make choices to move forward.......

Lalu More,


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